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09-15-2012, 06:18 PM
I had a "2100" procedure done by a very high profile transplant office in 2008. It was easily detectable and the source of quite a few embarrassing stares over the years. As the need for a second surgery became a priority, I did a ton of research and alot of shopping around. Of all the doctors I met with, Dr. Charles presented the most articulate and scientifically sound methodology to his plan for me. Pricewise, he was competitive.
I just had a 3150 graft procedure on 9/13 and it was not good. IT WAS GREAT. The office was spotless. The operating room was state of the art.
Dr. Charles and 8 techs processed me in a very organized and professional manner. I hate needles. I hate pain. The lidocaine anesthetic was it's usual unpleasant self but I was unaware that Dr. Charles had even obtained the strip. He is that good. It was obvious that alot of experience and training was delivering my transplant surgery and I was in great hands. I did not get that feeling on my previous HT surgery and I discovered later that I did get royally screwed there. The staff were so personable that it really made the operation a fun and friendly experience. Everybody in there was so classy. Dr. Charles even fixed my un-natural hairline issue. I would suggest that you see Dr. Charles for a consultation if you are considering a HT operation. I cannot believe the density of my grafts. Way beyond my expectations.