View Full Version : What do I have? Should I see a doctor? Advise is needed!

09-10-2012, 05:06 PM
Alright, I have posted that I think I have DUPA. Reason? Thin sides. I have some pictures (flash and not flash). I have searched online about DUPA and everyone that posts about it seems to make it a death sentence. Even if a cure does come out, seems that DUPA people are screwed for life. Lame.

So I decided to check if there are other explanations. The only other 'disorders' that cause hairloss seem to come in form of a thyroid problem. But I noticed that most people that have thyroid problems always say it happens in a few months, as in they lose a ton of hair rapidly.

I was first told I was thinning around age 17-18. When I used to dye my hair. I noticed my 'sides where thinner' when I was about 22 years old and got a shorter haircut. Instead of staying on fin, I grew my hair out and it looked 'good' so I ignored it. Recently got a hair cut and I'm much thinner everywhere.

Is this DUPA? Maybe something else?

Here is my photo album:

There is a picture of me holding 3 tiny hairs on my index finger, that is actually brow hair. If I softly tug my brow hair, it falls off (1/2/5 hairs sometimes at a time).

Problem: I'm broke and going to school. I can't afford a 1,000 dollar plus bill from a dermatologist. Any suggestions?

09-10-2012, 05:24 PM
defintitely looks like DUPA to me. If the donor thinned out naturally from "normal" Male Pattern Baldness, your hair loss would be much more extended before that happened. You would normally be a lot older too.

The GOOD news is that you can treat it. Get on Finasteride, and then you could go for a HT if you wish so. I know Hasson & Wong have treated people with DUPA. But it's very critical that you at least respond decent to Finasteride or else the donor will thin as well a the transplanted hairs in the recipent area.

So if you really care about your hair loss (as all of the members here do), you should treat it. The "right" thing to do would be to see a IHRS-doctor and thereafter get a diagnose of your condetion. Then he could provide/subscribe potential treatments to you.

The easy alternative (and the cheap one), would be to order some generic Proscar from a credible online source, and thereafter split the pills in 4 parts, and take one of these 1/4 every day. I do it, but if you really want to be sure, you should consult with an IHRS-doctor

09-11-2012, 09:21 AM
I did fin when I was 22 and left it like an idiot. Doubted my hairloss and now I'm back. I already ordered a year supply of fin. Regardless of what is causing my diffuse thinning (DUPA or other medical reasons) I know I have MBP. I mean my temples have gone up (not that I mind, its like a 2.5).

Though, do you think I should get a blood test? I hear DUPA is rare (1%), so wouldn't it be smart to get a blood test to rule out other issues with my body?

09-15-2012, 01:41 AM
I'm not so sure that's DUPA. DUPA is pretty tough to diagnose from sight, especially when someone has as much hair as you do. Sides of the head frequently have lower density, and the same goes for the fringe around the neck--the nape and the sides of the neck right behind the ears. Some of the pictures look iffy, but it's just tough to say. Go see a surgeon who can use a scope on your head; they'll want to see what miniaturization levels are present in your "permanent zone."