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05-08-2009, 05:27 PM
My Story before the Hair Trasplants and how i got deceived into wearing a wig

When hair loss appeard to affect my head i got shocked. It was something i always wished that never happen to me but the family history was unavoidable. I started from dermatologists. The dermatologist told me to start using Rogain and Propecia. I started taking the drugs.

I was about NW 2.5 at this time and i wanted to have an opinion from a hair clinic, which was supposed to have a good name in the greek market.When i went there and had a consultation i told them i am using propecia and rogain. That lady (which was no doctor) when she heard that she told me to stop it immediately that only 2% are benefit from it and she told me that propecia is gonna make me loose my erection and she told to start using their treatments ( some lotion crap and a laser treatment which whould stop hair loss by creating better blood circulation). That was a very big mistake and its due to the fact that i trusted them and i wasnt so informed about working hair loss treatments at that time.So i stopped the drugs, my hair loss accellerated and after 6 months i ended up looking like a moron as u can see in the before transplant pics.

Then i went and complain about this and they told me that this whould happen anyway, They also said that i am a poor candidate for hairtransplant with insufficient donor area and they only solution for a hopeless case like mine is a wig. So they convinced me to get a wig. I was wearing a wig for 18 months loosing more and more hair without propecia and rogain and from traction alopecia of the wig. Not to mention that everybody had figured out about this and were laughing behind my back.

It was just an unethical greek clinic who put me in all these trouble so i can be their long term customer paying maintenance for the wig every 2 weeks and being enslaved to them.


After wearing the rug for 2.5 years i had 2 hts with armani



2747 and 1800 grafts






i have more pics but i am not sure if i can post links to external site. i also plan a 3rd surgery this year with Dr. Hasson to fill me up all over

05-10-2009, 05:43 AM
Hey Tsakalos, I also had a consultation with the same clinic when I was 19 and stil in good condition hairwise. I remember the doctor pushing me to have it done there and then, without explaing anything!

Thankfully I decided to wait and after many years of research, I decided on Dr Hasson who performed my transplant 6 weeks ago.