View Full Version : How to combine S5 cream with Revivogen?

09-03-2012, 12:23 AM
I got both but i am failing to see how they can be applied together .
S5 cream is supposed to be used twice daily and revivogen once . I apply the cream in the morning then around 22:00 i want to apply revivogen . Do i wash hair to get S5 cream off because its still a little creamy at this time ??

I apply S5 cream to a nw6 area is this correct way of using it ??

After applying the revivogen lotion it says not to wash it off at least 4 hours but does not mention anything about applying another product on top. Does it mean i can use S5 cream say half an hour after applying revivogen ?

Lastly ,i apply S5 cream at night before going to bed but find out the sheet and pillow are all covered in it in the morning. Any tips on this would be much appreciated ?