View Full Version : Trying to find a good/great HT Surgeon in the mid-West- very confused!

09-02-2012, 05:10 PM
I am a 54-year old male with a balding crown and thinning hair on top and front - have only recently (2 to 3 weeks ago) started looking into a HT. Visited Bosley in Kansas City (Dr. Halford - was told I could need 3600 grafts), then found many negatives on the internet on Bosley (and large national HT chains) in general. Went to a local surgeon (Dr. Misko, who started HTs a couple of years back - he thought I would need no more than 1800 grafts) but cannot seem to find much feedback on him; nor did he give me references to call though he said he has done over 100 HTs.

Researching the internet I came across the IAHRS and found Dr. Lawrence Samuels in St. Louis (his office says he does not recommend more than 1800 to 2000 grafts). His credentials seem good and I was leaning towards him; but again cannot find any feedback on him (good or bad).

As I search the internet more I seem to get more confused - this site seems to have a lot of experienced people. Any feedback/recommendations on a HT surgeon in the Nebraska area (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, etc. would be fine as well - possibly Illinois, Colorado, Arizona or Minnesota too) would be truly appreciated. I have figured out that traveling to find the right surgeon may be a good thing.

I have noted people talk about numerous good surgeons - then say that the final choice should be a personal decision. However, it is tough to talk to or analyze the many HT "professionals" - hoping this forum can narrow the choice down to a couple or possibly even 1 for great HT surgeon. Any input would be welcome. Also any feedback on costs associated I should expect to pay ( I have seen this in the $3 to 8/graft range) would be good

Thanks in advance for any feedback!