View Full Version : Dr Carman 1848 FU Grafts 18 Month PostOP

Dr Timothy Carman
08-30-2012, 04:13 PM
Pt is a thirty two year old male with a family and personal history of androgenic alopecia affecting the frontal hairline/frontal forelock area. The patient's complaint was an inability to style what was left of his frontal forelock/hairline to anything that even closely resembled strong healthy hair.... Our goal was to reinforce the existing frontal forelock area while recreating a conservative advancement of the temporal recessions while further defining the frontal hair line. Note we have maintained some recession so that should this patient experience further loss, this can be addressed successfully as we have not "set the bar too high" by creating a less receded hairline. 1848 total FU grafts; 1075 one's; 581 two's; 192 three's.