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08-29-2012, 08:30 PM
Hey Everyone
I have searched tirelessly for average male forehead measurements. Can't find much. I think this would be helpful as picture can be misleading and distorted. Brow ridge is defined basically as the middle part of your eyebrows, Not top or bottom. I am looking for a poll of:

-1. how high center of hairline is from center of brow ridge
-2. how high temples are from brow ridge (temples at deepest point)
-3. How wide is temporal recession. (width of the area that "cuts" into your hairline at temple. This will be the widest part so probably running along hairline)

? Do you have widows peak?
I understand some are born with high hairlines and different facial proportions. I just want to see what some people are at. Davinci's rule of thirds I think is a good base for the mature hairline. Any thoughts.

My measurements are:
1. Is 2"
2. Is 3"
3. Is about 1.25"

I have always had strong widows peak hairline.

08-31-2012, 05:05 AM
When your measuring how high your hairline is above your brow do you measure from the top of the eyebrow or the bottom..cause i hear people saying that thier hailine is 7 cm above their brow..that seems high to me?