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08-27-2012, 06:51 PM
I'm sure everyone has seen Spex's great SMP results into his strip scar. From the pics and from what I've heard, the results look great and very realistic. From the pics it appears the dots almost look 3D and resemble stubble, but i'd love to see them in person to make my own judgement.

I was wondering the following. If someone was happy with a military style haircut (e.g. #1 or #2 grade ALL OVER), would a combo of FUE and SMP work to create the illusion of high density in the recipient area ? I understand if someone had SMP all over it may not look realistic. Not to mention if someone rubs their hands through your hair, they won't feel any stubble which will be a straight give away. But if someone was to add some reasonable density all over with FUE and have a dense hairline constructed with FUE, could SMP be added to achieve high density all over the recipient area ? e.g. to pre MPB density - 100 grafts/cm^2 ? I would prefer to have an FUE procedure to produce a high density hairline, as opposed to increasing hairline density with SMP, but if SMP looks realistic...what the heck.

I guess this would be difficult for people who have extensive loss and achieving a reasonable density with FUE surgery will be difficult and costly. But i wonder if this could work for people like me, who don't have extensive loss (yet). The only problem i have is that i'm not sure if i can get away with a #1 grade at the back because of my white dots (i've had previous FUE surgery). I have brown skin, so the white dots are very visible.

Thanks guys, look forward to the replies. Shout out to Spex too !! :cool:

08-27-2012, 07:52 PM
Personally I have been thinking about this for a long time. the Idea of combining FUE and Trico or SMP I think is a good option. Nothing is going to replace the look of real hair....nothing. however adding the Trico between the grafts to add density does just that. the hair creates a 3 dementional look and feel while the pigmentation blends in and creates density. Here is an example....


I'm not a fan of the SMP work here as I think it doesn't have that realistic look..... one reason I would never have pulled the trigger on it. Not to mention it is permanent. With the realistic look and only lasting up to 2 years, Tricopigmentation does have me interested again. For me to pull the trigger on it, a few things are a must....... realistic and undetectable, Safe, won't bleed or change colors. Some of us don't have the donor supply to achieve a uniform density and coverage over the entire scalp..... Trico may be able to bridge that gap. Also, for those of us working on our scars with FUE, it may also add a bit more help in getting them to blend. Again, the optimal effect would be to use it between grafts placed in the scars.

..... nice topic

08-27-2012, 09:13 PM
Hey northeastguy, thanks for the link. I didn't realise there were surgeons already doing the FUE + SMP combo. I must agree, the results shown in that link are not what i was imagining. The SMP areas on this guy's scalp still show obvious signs of thinning, because of the contrast with the sides of his head, where he has had no hair loss.

I still think this might be a good option for those with lower NW patterns and who can achieve a good density with FUE. It also seems the work being done in Millan is of much better quality....but that just based on pics.

08-27-2012, 09:24 PM
I just looked at the second page on that link and the SMP looks a lot better when the guys shaves his hair down on the back and sides.