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08-23-2012, 08:28 PM
Well I'm a 45 yo male who probably noticed hair loss starting when I was 25 or so - I started shaving my head in the mid-nineties so I don't really know where I am BUT I am preparing to get an online consultation from H&W (as I live in Canada) so I have been letting my hair grow for the past 2 weeks. My guess is that I am a NW4 from what I can see.

I will post some pics when I get ready to send them to H&W next week!

I have a couple questions that I haven't really seen answered so far with my limited searching:

I sufferred kidney trauma 7 years ago and it was suggested by my Dr that I avoid drugs that are hard on the kidneys (advil...). Are the hair loss drugs hard on the kidneys?

Is is crazy to get a HT without going on drugs afterwards?

Do I need to send older photos to see the loss progression over time for the consultation or does that matter? I think my loss hasn't been too too aggressive over the past 10 years - I hope.

Do I need to let my hair grow for a few weeks if I decide to get an in-person consult? Or does that matter, can there only be a weeks growth?

What reasons get people turned away from HT doctors as I've seen posts about if people would be suitable...too young mainly?

I have pretty fine hair and I'm hoping that it isn't a dealbreaker for being a HT candidate.

When I shave my head, it bugs me listening to the quieter sound the shaver makes on the top of my head compared to the back and sides -- always a reminder of the thinning top even though I keep it very short!

I'm still trying to find the side effects listing about Fin but as I was snipped a few years ago I'm not worried about (not) having kids if that is one of them. I'll keep searching about Fin though.

I feel lucky that H&W are only a handful of hours from where I live when I read about people flying in from all over the world to use them!

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08-23-2012, 08:39 PM
1. According to this response the kidney issue seems not to be a problem with fin.

2. Personally, if you are likely to continue to bald I don't see a point in getting a HT if you aren't addressing the cause of the hair loss. If you continue to lose hair you will either need another HT or you will look odd as you will have a hairline but greater balding behind that hairline.

3. I don't know the answer for this question.

4. That doesn't matter. What matters is hair miniaturization.

People can get turned down for HT if their donor hair is good. If they have a small donor supply or the quality of the hair is fine and weak.

08-23-2012, 08:42 PM
hey thanks for that link! I'm not adverse to taking Fin but my kidney issue was bugging me, I will consult my Dr about it too.

08-27-2012, 11:25 AM
If you're a Norwood 4 now, after many years of losing hair, then your hair loss probably isn't as aggressive as it can be. It would probably help to send photos of how you looked in the past as one thing that is normally asked during consultations is for information on how fast hair loss has been progressing.

Being on treatments like Propecia is recommended, but isn't completely necessary and the fact that you aren't taking it is unlikely to make you ineligible for a procedure.

I do know that it's best to let your hair grow out for a consultation as it makes assessment easier.