View Full Version : VIDEO: 2,000 grafts- 5 Years Post Op- Dr. Feller of Great Neck, NY

Dr. Feller
05-03-2009, 08:07 PM
Click the video below to see the results of a patient who had 2000 grafts implanted 5 years ago:


05-03-2009, 09:18 PM
thats really good work Dr. Feller! By the way, are you currently experimenting with that PRP stuff that Dr. Greco is working on. I would really really really want to have this done as soon as possible. Also, what is your opinion on this new type of treatment? I remember reading somewhere that you think this could actually work, and I'm really interested in your enthusiasm because you are very skeptical person when it comes to new treatments. (thats not an insult btw, it means you are aware and that you want proof and dont' give into hype!) I look forward to your response.


Dr. Feller
05-05-2009, 10:51 AM
Thank you for commenting on the HT patient in the video.

As for PRP, he just signed up to get his first treatment into the top and crown to help hold on to what's still there.

I am a proponent of PRP, but a conservative and cautious one. The effectiveness of PRP for orthopedics, sports medicine, wound healing, soft tissue repair, dental surgery, and podeatric surgery is WELL established. Dr. Jerry Cooley has been using it during actual HT surgery for over a year now. It's use in a manner similar to Propecia is more sketchy. Dr. Greco has been using it in that way and has reported cosmetically signfiicant and scientifically sound results. Something quack remedies like LLLT have not been able to do to my satisfaction.

My belief is that like so many other treatments, it's efficacy will vary with the level of hairloss and the individual physiology of the patient. The science behind it is relavent and sound so I have no problem supporting it.

Even though its use as a hair loss treatment is EXPERIMENTAL, I take great comfort in knowing that there is virtually no room for complications or side effects because its "from you to you".

I have encouraged EVERY doctor I speak to start offering it to their patients. This way we can get A LOT of data points to QUANTIFY and CATAGORIZE its actual effectivness.

PRP is today where Hair Transplants were 40 years ago and where Propecia and Rogaine were 5 years before they became commercialized as hair loss treatments.

I already have a waiting list for PRP and should be offering it by the summer. If my supplier is true to his word, then I will be able to offer it sooner.

My prediction is that nearly EVERY HT doctor will be offering PRP and that it will shoot through the HT community like a California wildfire.

Dr. F