View Full Version : Suffer Hair Loss

08-14-2012, 07:29 PM
Right in earlier 20 i was suffer my hair loss. It keeping hair falling, thinning scalp and dandruff. I tried many diffrent hair loss treatment and shampoo, still wont work at ALL!

Last years i used regain foam and seven sea. It was great result!!! My hair was so thick and regrowth.

I was using them about 4 months But after that i went to holiday two month without use regain foam as i forgotten using them. My hair was burning, very itchy, and hair fall out worse!!!

Then i decided to use Regain foam again 6 month to see if it regrowth again but it doesn't work anymore...:confused:

So now I'm thinking to get RU treatment,regenepure dr shampoo and Plus seven sea...

So now I'm gonna order RU treatment and Rengenepure shampoo and hoping this will work for me,. Fingercross!