View Full Version : Young woman with female patternhairloss

08-07-2012, 09:34 AM
Hi, I am the father of a 19 year old who about a year ago was told by a few doctors that she has female pattern hair loss. I am searching for ideas on her behalf, even though she rarely voices any concern. She uses rogaine with fairly good success in arresting the hair loss, but what is in store for her many years to come, I fear for because of the troubles that may/may not come given social acceptance, etc. What are viable ways to restore hair? In her case, she had problems with normal female cycles subsequent to a major weight loss due to illness/surgery. She uses one of the low androgen pills, but perhaps this was a cause? Ceasing it is also worrisome. Thanks for any suggestions! - Concerned Dad.

Tracy C
08-07-2012, 12:34 PM
It is vitally important for women to work with doctors to sort through what is causing her hair loss. This is a much more complicated problem for women to treat. Once the cause is found and treated, much of her hair will likely come back.

Rogaine or generic Minoxidil will help treat the symptom, but it does nothing to treat the cause. Finding and treating the cause is the most important thing. She may need to see more than a few specialists to get to the bottom of the problem.