View Full Version : Can high % minoxidil permanently destroy hair?

07-30-2012, 12:04 PM
I am asking, because I was applying 10-15% minoxidil for 13 months into my temples, but it caused telogen effluvium, and I lost more hair than I regrew. When I quitted it and returned back to 5% minoxidil (in February 2012), I started to lose even more hair on a catastrophic scale. The hair must become dependent on it in the meantime... In the end, I ended up with much less hair than at the beginning. Basically, some groups of hair along my hairline disappeared without trace...

The catastrophic shedding basically ended in mid-June, but neither the hair lost due to telogen effluvium, nor the hair lost after the quit comes back. It's been 5,5 months already. Well, some hairs appeared here and there, but the situation basically remains stable. Therefore, I wonder if high% minoxidil can damage hair permanently. People, who used 15% minoxidil and quitted it, after they noticed a disastrous shed, usually report that the shed hair started to grow back after 3-4 months. This is not my case, however. Perhaps the time that I spent on the high% minoxidil could also play some role...

Does someone have an experience that his hair was permanently "burned out" by high% minoxidil concentration? And I don't mean first-time users (who may confuse their progressing balding with a minoxidil-induced shed), but those, who switched from 5% to 15% versions and back.