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Hi everyone....Mike here! Long time observer in these forums, but new here to write in myself! Nice to meet everyone!! I'm looking forward to making some new friends from this forum. Thanks for listening....and thanks for anyone who is willing to provide suggestions and feedback!!

A little about myself:

I am 31 years old.....32 in December......and I have been balding now for nearly 8 years. I unfortunately am one of "those people" who is taking this reality REALLY bad. In fact, I am devastated by it! I have struggled with things all my life....including being severely overweight throughout my teenage years. I graduated high school weighing 302 lbs. I spent the first two years of College learning how to exercise and eat properly. I lost 155 of those pounds (over the course of 2 years) and then started lifting weights. I now weigh 170 lbs and am very fit and muscular (and in the best shape of my life). I would be thrilled with this normally.....however.....now I am obsessed with my hair loss. It is amazing how much more traumatic being bald is to me, than being overweight ever was.

Anyhow. I have decided to take the plunge and get HT surgery! I have had several consultations, and have spent HUNDREDS of hours online educating myself about the procedure, the process, my various options available to me.....and more importantly....the surgeons that are available to transform my baldness into something truly amazing!! (I hope). :rolleyes:

I have taken a list of about 8 surgeons when I first started researching....down to 2. It has taken me months to slowly narrow this list one by one. I simply can not decide between Dr. Hasson or Dr. Rahal??!!!! I know this is most definitely NOT the first time people have had this dilemma, and it certainly won't be the last. I live in the United States.....and was most recently considering Dr. Shapiro....but it doesn't seem he typically gets the same large sessions in FUT that Hasson and Rahal consistently do. Price also seems a bit higher with Shapiro.

(Please read my reply below to continue my story- When I try to post the whole thing in 1 thread, it keeps giving me an error message. Must be trying to save all of you from having to read an overly long post.....sorry!!)

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(Part 2)

I know most people here would tell me that whichever one of these two surgeons I end up choosing....I will be in the BEST hands possible! With that being said.....maybe I can give you a little more info on my concerns/expectations and have some help from you fine people to give me some advice??

1.). I have spoken and corresponded several times with both Joe from H and W
and with Chad from Rahal. Both of them are FANTASTIC....have nothing but good to say about both, and that is part of what is making this decision so difficult.....as these two gentleman are the faces and representatives of the practice. Unfortunately, I can only choose 1!

2.) both have said that I am a good candidate for about 4500 grafts. I wanted even more....but budget most likely won't allow for it. I am a NW IV who has now been on finasteride for over 3 years....and rogaine foam for almost 2. The meds have seemed to help....at the very least....in slowing my loss!!

My main concerns with each is as follows:

Hasson: 1.) seems to have a more "mature"/conservative hairline. I understand the importance of preserving donor area to allow for future loss...but I question if it will be too conservative for what I'm hoping to achieve. 2.) Higher cost....seems like Dr. Hasson charges a decent bit more than the quote I got from Rahal's office. Although I haven't received an "official" quote from the Hasson team yet....I got a decent idea of what I'm looking at. 3.) not as good of a travel package as Rahal offers. Rahal gives you $1000.00 for travel....whereas Hasson gives you 1/2 off airfare (up to $400) and two nights hotel. Both are generous, but one more so, and I like the fact that if you can use under the $1000....you can apply the rest (since its a credit off your procedure) to your savings 4.) seems like Hasson outsources a lot of work to his staff. I don't necessarily think this is a completely bad thing (as Hasson gets it done right regardless)....but I have heard Rahal does a lot more of the procedure and is a lot more involved in the process himself!

Rahal: 1.). Much further away from my home than Vancouver is....as I live in the Western United States. 2.). Don't know how much success is had with crown (whorl) work and appearance. I was provided with some photos...but not entirely certain enough to sway me. That's one thing about H and W....they have SO many photos and videos (in HD), and they know how to do the entire scalp right!!! Crazy. Although the ones I have seen in Rahal are VERY impressive!!!! 3.). Cost is in CAD and not USD. Although the USD is slightly stronger right now...I'm afraid after the costs associated with converting, it may make it more of an expense than it originally appears. Will have to research options here more....but that is an immediate and potential concern.

So these are the main things that have kept me from making my final decision already.....and which make the choice so damn tough!! I know price shouldn't be a deciding factor over quality....but it is still important to me!! Considering the quality seems so close to identical to the normal eye with these two docs, it would seem like cost should be a factor!? Am I wrong here?? I can understand if I were trying to penny pinch by going to Bozo's Happy Hair Clinic.....but this comes down to the top 2 surgeons.....and I'm quite certain I'm going to get an outstanding result with either!!! ( And no....it doesn't help that there is a 13% vanity tax in Canada!! :eek: OUCH!!!!)

Anyway, that's where I'm at in the process of selecting who's a better fit for my procedure as of now. I am SO torn and on the fence.....that I need help getting down. Please share your thoughts and suggestions with me?! I know you guys probably can't help with input without seeing my hair loss situation.....so I will respond shortly with a link to some photos of me and my hair's current state. I realize that may get more people to chime in!

Sorry for the long winded message everyone.....it's just such a hard decision for me....and I'd feel better if I didn't have to make it entirely alone. :D thanks for listening.....and I'm really happy to be a part of a community where everybody understand what each other is feeling and going through!! I have seen some amazing results and advice on here from other posters......so I am excited to become part of the family!!

Thanks again.....



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You look good buzzed, wish you could see it :\

Is the lady friend more than? ;)

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Lol nah mate.....her and her husband are friends of mine....single here!! Just thought that having an attractive girl next to me in the photo would help distract from my bald head :-). Hehehe