View Full Version : Those considering Scar revisions

07-23-2012, 05:19 PM
I emailed Dr Patrick Frechet this past January.....6 months ago. Well today I received his reply and it did include some interesting information. I originally contacted him inquiring about his invisible closure technique. At the time I was looking into many options to repair my scars. His comments where as follows...
" The trychophitic closure technique( TCT) is very different to the invisible scar technique( IST).
The TCT does not improve significantly scars.
The ICT is very efficient on previously" virgen scalps"
In your case, with previous scars, you need an other approach I have worked on . If you heal normally your scar will be 1.5 mm wide or less after revision."

This information I hope is helpfull to some who are looking into a revision of thier scar. What upsets me is that this information may have been helpfull 6 months as part of my research. Going from a 5mm wide scar to a 1.5mm width is a drastic improvement. Ultimately it would have cut down significantly the number of FUE grafts needed to finish off the repair.
Obviously the words "If you heal normally" opens a can of worms ...... So I still think I went with the best option in my case.

This information might be helpfull to others so hopefully if you reach out to him your not in a hurry.