View Full Version : Can I avoid a propecia shed having already shed using rogaine?

07-20-2012, 06:30 PM
Hi, So I have been on rogaine-nizoral for 2months. I'm 19 years old going to be 20 soon. So far I have a lot of hairs growing on my hairline but none yet on the back or front (guess they need more time).

So I decided I will go on proscar gradually by cutting it into fifths and using the transition method. I had a definite and noticeable shed for 3-4 weeks which has thinned out my frontal region. I hope in the coming 2 months these hairs and new ones will grow back due to the rogaine.

So since I have already shed using rogaine, if I go on proscar will I experience another massive shed again or will the miniaturized hairs will have already fallen out??

Another thing, do you think me going on proscar so young may have an effect on my height, im also worried that if i feel some signs of gyno that even if i stop it may not be reversible.

As far as side effects go, I don't mind a small decrease in libido only with the gear working the same as before. I will be going on 1/5 proscar once per week for 2 weeks, then twice per week for two weeks, then 1/5 proscar every third day, and if I am fine with that then eventually 1/5 proscar EOD.

Is it possible to see results at 4 months after starting proscar, since I have already used rogaine and nizoral for 2months so I would assume that usually hair growth is due to rogaine and all what propecia will do is maintain the remaining hair.

Hope someone can answer most of my questions

07-21-2012, 01:40 AM
starting propecia at 19 is not advised because the male body is still maturing (sexually speaking) until 25. dht is important for sexual function and development and propecia is inhibiting dht production.

if you do start propecia or proscar (quartered tablets) there is no way to tell whether or not you will shed even if you gradually increase your dosage. gradually increasing is a good idea but it is not a guaranteed method for preventing shedding.

seeing results from finasteride at the 4 month mark is very unusual--it really does take about 1 full year of use to see if you respond well or not.

as far as ED and libido issues, again, there is no way for someone to tell you that you will or won't experience them. having said that, starting at a lower dosage and letting your body get used to it is a good idea. let us know how it goes. good luck.

07-21-2012, 05:50 AM
Oh wow, I thought a person usually matures at age 21 or before. I'm going to be 20 in 3 months so I guess I'm almost at my full height and capacity. Tbh I don't mind not growing 1 or 2 cm over going bald.

I want to go gradually on the drug not to avoid the shed but to avoid the side effects. The shed I had with rogaine was strong but short.

25 is a bit too late dontcha think? by that time I will be from NW2 to NW5, My dad was bald at his late twenties.

Can I get more feedback whether it is really detrimental to start propecia at the age of 20?

Tracy C
07-21-2012, 09:06 AM
Puberty takes between five and seven years and the normal age to start is between 9 and 12. I don't know when you started puberty, but if you started within the normal age range, you should have been done by age 19. Personally I believe it is a bad idea for any male to start any hair loss treatment besides LLLT before age 19. It is probably a good idea to wait until you are at least 21, just to be sure. I do believe it is safe for male as young as 16 to start using Nizoral A-D shampoo once a week.

I also believe it a good idea to taper onto the medication if you do decide to take it. My 19 year old nephew just started taking Propecia. He is taking 1/4 of the pill every other day to start. He is planning to increase his dose slowly over a long period of time to help him avoid the possible side effects. Since my nephew is losing hair in his vertex, he has also started using Rogaine foam, but again he is going to taper onto it slowly over time starting with one application three days a week. He is also using Nizoral A-D shampoo once a week and has switched his regular shampoo out for sulfate free shampoo. He cannot afford to buy a laser comb at this time but he is saving up for one. If I get a job before he can buy one for himself, I am going to buy one for him.

07-21-2012, 09:42 AM
9... wow No I was somewhat of a late bloomer and I hit puberty at 15 year old. However now I feel like I almost done maturing and hope that finasteride doesn't affect that. My beard is almost fully developed dont know if that helps or not.