View Full Version : Level of Contentment on Fin

07-16-2012, 07:11 AM
I have a question for those who have been on fin for a while, a year or longer and in general are happy with how things are going.

How content are you with your overall situation? If you started taking it early enough, and you’re simply maintaining what you have, how often do you think about your hair loss? Is hair loss no longer an issue for you if everything’s going well, or do you see it as a constant struggle that as of now, you’re winning? Which of the following best describes your mentality on finasteride?

1. Fin is doing exactly what I expected it to and as of now, I have no fear of the future.


2. Fin is doing exactly what I expected it to, but I’m worried that at some point in the future my hair loss will continue.

For those of you who fit the above description, why do you all continue to visit the forums? In the back of your mind are you thinking about what if, and what will be the future of hair restoration in five, ten years time? I hope that everyone’s content on fin, but I’d like to know how you all think. Thanks for reading.