View Full Version : 26yr old v depressed

04-24-2009, 07:32 AM
hi every1!
imjust 26yrold.since past few yrs i started loosing scalp hair.initially every1 thought that it was just due to study stress.but now it continued to be so evident thinning of hair tht i started to get depressed day by day.i did my testosterone n it came to be at upper normal limit.my gynaecologist started me on spironolactone 50mg once daily.im on it for past 2 months.it stopped to fall initially but for last 3,4 days again fell so much:( im getting married early next yr.my fiance is in UK while im in asia.imso terrified that what if he finds me unpleasant to look at when he comes bk.im thinking of telling him that im having hair loss problem.but before that i wanted to make sure that im on the right treatment n will get my thick hair back.please somebody help me.