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Dr. Lindsey
07-10-2012, 07:16 AM
This fellow is a friend of one of our placers. We did 2700+ on him last summer and he stopped by last week. Now he is a challenging patient due to: 1. His very fine donor hair which is of limited density (he has a large head and despite a typical strip, we only got about 2750 grafts) 2. He has light skin and fairly dark hair 3. He has a broad recipient area Now in his favor are that he has pretty good hair posterior to our work area AND he planned to incorporate a combover style rather than do a second case.
I post this not to show what a miracle we performed…as we didn’t. But rather to show one option for folks with these limitations and what a properly performed case can and can’t do; and with the addition of styling native hair, that a good cosmetic result can be achieved. For this fellow in particular, he says that pre-op, he had this combover that would blow out of the way exposing his bald forehead with even gentle breezes, and in particular when he was bicycling or swimming. Now that is not a problem, so he’s completely happy.
But preop discussion of this result is key so that his expectations and my expectations were in line.

Pictures shown are Op day, 1 week, 6 weeks, and 53 weeks.

Dr. Lindsey, McLean VA