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Boca Raton number 1
07-07-2012, 04:30 PM
I have had 2 Surgical treatments since 2010. The first was with H.R.S. of Atlanta, Ga. in September, 2010. appx. 2200 Grafts. The second surgical hair transplantation was on Monday 07/02/2012 with Dr. Glen Charles in Boca Raton, Florida. appx. 2119 Grafts.

I actually live in North Carolina and I'm only going to someone I completely trust. To the best of my ability, I completed a thorough and diligent review of a prospective Dr. and his or her accomplishments prior to my hiring anyone.

I had zero problems with H.R.S. of Atlanta. I called and found out the Doctor had retired who had preformed my Hair Transplantation Surgery. So off to to my study of other doctors and I was finding myself repeatedly comparing others closer to my area of the Country... to Dr. Glen Charles who was 800 miles away in Boca Raton, Florida.... I don't know about most guys who consider trying hair transplantation.... I take it real serious and I want it done correctly with someone who has a passion for going the extra mile for their patients, who walk into their office, a little less nervous knowing they have chosen a true professional. I can't say enough about how Dr. Charles and his staff... They truly set the bar high. Dr. Charles and his staff have a highly collaborative way of doing business with strangers who leave feeling like family. Dr. Charles actually called me the night of my surgery asking how I was doing... Really Cool Guy. The next day his office called to check on me... I'm 50 years old and have several Doctors I see once a year and have never had this degree of concern and compassion.

I was nervous for a few years before any of my continuous hair loss led me to try Hair Transplantation Surgery... I would do it all over again...just earlier... and in my minds eye.... Dr. Charles sets the bar....

J. Hicks