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07-07-2012, 01:53 PM
Hi everyone. (I will have pictures soon).

I am 17 and am experiencing a lot of hair loss. I see hairs all over my hands in the shower, on my pillow, on my sink after combing, and almost always when I run my hands gently through. (I'd say like 20-30 hairs lost in the shower, probably like 40 just throughout the day from running my hands through my hair). I started seeing these symptoms around late 16. At first, I really didn't think anything of it. Balding never crossed my mind until I started talking to my parents about it. My mother said that it's clear that my hairline has receded a little and that she notices some thinning.

I have very little body hair other than armpits, crotch, legs, and sparse stache/chin. Even my legs don't have much hair. Many girls have more hair on their arms than I do. The hairs I do have on my body are extremely light, almost clear and very thin. I don't know if that information helps.

I eat a pretty balanced diet, always a lot fruits and veggies and a good amount of grains and proteins. I don't eat much junk except the occasional McDonald's nor do I drink or do any drugs.

I don't get much exercise except swimming in the pool. I like to sunbathe.

My dad started going bald at 27. His dad and grandfather never had any balding until very late in life. My mother's dad has a full head of hair at 64ish, yet my mother's grandpa (on mother's side) was completely bald.

Now, 1 and half weeks ago I went to the dermatologist. He told me that because I don't have any real noticeable bald spots that he wouldn't prescribe me Propecia (I didn't ask to be prescribed it either). He took some measurements of my hairline or something and wrote all of this information down. I will say that the appointment was a little weird. He never really addressed my balding. He never said "Oh, yeah, you are going to to bald", but he never said I have nothing to worry about. He only said that I should start Rogaine and come back to see him at Christmas.

I have been thinking a lot about my balding. It kind of has been consuming a lot of my thoughts, especially now in the summer when I have a lot free time. I look at people's hairlines all the time in envy, especially my peers. Nobody has ever come to me and suggested that I have a receding hairline, however. They have only commented on how I style it.

I want to know other's opinions about starting just Rogaine. I have been hesitatant to start it because it's a huge commitment, and secondly, I don't know what I am going to look like when I go back to school. I am scared of losing a lot of hair from a big shedding and then being thought of as a baldie (if my peers already don't think of me as one :( ). I just want my hair to stop falling out so easily and in such copious amounts and for my temples to regrow some hair. Should I start Rogaine? What can I expect? I still have enough hair to style and look pretty decent, I think, but I know that in a year (I think) a lot of it will be gone and I will need to buzz it off.

For now, here and some very shitty quality pictures. I will soon have some higher res images taken from an actual camera.


07-07-2012, 03:15 PM
Can't tell alot from the picture but it looks like your temples are receding. I would def get on rogaine for now and wait till your 18 for propecia. Best of luck.