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Limmer HTC
06-29-2012, 12:40 PM
Todays presented case shows the preop, four month post op and 7 ˝ month post op photos following ultra follicular unit micro grafting to treat a weak mid frontal hairline and miniaturization within the temporal recessions.

A standard elliptical excision and trichophytic closure was used to harvest upwards of 900 ultra refinded follicular unit grafts. These grafts were then placed in recipient sites that range in size from 0.5-0.8mm….filling the pronounced central defect/hairloss in the mid frontal hairline as well as the temporal recessions.

While the 7 ˝ month post op photos show the most dramatic change, the four month post op photos show something often not seen by many who view these posts. Noted in the 4 month post op photo set is the initial regrowth. You can see very clearly her baby fine initial growth growing in nicely at about 1+ cm in length. This baby fine initial growth is often missed by patients, then over the following 3+ month these hairs have not only grown longer, but have acquired greater diameter/mass.
Dr. Brad Limmer