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06-28-2012, 08:52 PM
Hey guys - At the suggestion of another member, I wanted to start a thread for guys who may have experienced negative sides on finesteride but who would like to give it a go at a lower dose and report how it's working. I'm hoping this can be a safe haven for us, where we can avoid judgement about whether it's really a side effect or just in our heads and try to sort out a dosing plan that might work for us, while avoiding the dreadful sides. To try to make this as informative and possible, I'll put up a few suggested guidelines:

1) Where are you on the NW scale:
I'm a non pattern, diffuse thinning, MPB kinda guy. Perhaps a NW2 (receding temples)

2) When did you first notice your hair loss?
5 years ago

3) How many times, what dosage, and for how long have you tried to use Finesteride in the past?
3x's, each the recommended dose, 2 months

4) What were your sides:
reduced ejaculate
lower sex drive
eventually lost all sensation in my dick

5) When did you start your most current finesteride treatment?
3 weeks ago

6) What's the dosage?
1 mg every 3 days

7) What benefits have you noticed
None yet

8) What sides have you noticed?
None yet

Perhaps we can monitor our progress and find a dosage that helps avoid the side effects but keeps hair on our head. Please add any additional questions that I may have missed.

Till there's a cure - I am happy to know that you guys (and gals) got my back and I got yours!