View Full Version : Dr Carman 2400 FU Grafts 15 Month Result

Dr Timothy Carman
06-28-2012, 12:24 PM
Pt is a 36 YO male with one previous transplant procedure in hairline area. His goal was to bring down the temporal recessions a bit more while at the same time we worked to conceal two and three hair FU's that were used in that previous surgery in the hairline so that his final result would look more natural on close scrutiny. We also placed grafts in the frontal forelock area as well, to increase density and allow him to wear his hair in a different style, something he could not do previously due to lack of density. Photos 1-3 are preop; photos 6-8 are postop; photos 9 and 10 are pre and post op, respectively; and photos 11-13 are closeups to show refined hairline work.
2373 FU grafts total; 687 one's; 1320 two's; and 366 three's. Tricophytic closure.