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06-27-2012, 06:33 PM
Hi there, I'm a young, premature (only 22) balder here and I have a few questions about hair transplants. I've never really looked into them before but I've seen some success and I've been wondering about my options. I'm currently using minox and I've just started taking propecia, so the medication should be enough to see me through for a while but eventually I'm going to need to do something else to combat our little problem. So anyway, onto the questions! I do apologise asking some of the same questions that everyone asks, but I'm trying to add in some personal bits that's relevant to me and hopefully not as tedious for you to answer.

1) I'm in the UK, so could anyone recommend me some good surgeons or clinics to research into? I've found one called Riverside in Harpenden but I can't find any information on it apart from the bogus they put on their website.

2) I'm very concerned about the pricing, especially as I haven't started working yet and I just graduated University. I'll be getting a job soon but I can't guarantee paying 10-15,000 in the future for hair transplants. Just to give you some information about my situation I guess I'm a norwood 3 with slight vertex but I have a naturally high hair line anyway? I have fine blonde hair and I've been balding for about five years now. I'm not looking to improve my temples much, don't really care about that, I just want my current hair to be solid and thick. What am I looking at spending here then? That's on top of the money I'm shedding out for minox and propecia.

3) Scars and visibility. Is there any way to have a hair transplant without people knowing about it? I doubt I'd be too bothered about the flack I'd get for getting one, but if it didn't work then I'd be horrified. If I just shave my hair and then get one will people notice? I know there's two types of surgery, so if you could tell me about the visibility on both that'd be great. I read somewhere that Gordon Ramsay had a HT yet no one knew about it or could tell, not like someone like Rooneys HT. How does that work?

4) Speaking of it not working, if I do take the plunge and go for a HT. What do I do if it doesn't stick? I really don't want to have to condemn myself to a life of HT's because I don't know if I could afford it. Also, if the first one doesn't stick and I decide to go full bald, I'll have scars won't I? So I'll be screwed then as well.

5) Getting wet and bright light. These are my two worst enemies at the moment, so what would my hair generally look like after getting wet and under bright light? Would you be able to tell?

6) How long would it take for the procedure and how long until it starts growing? Would I need to keep taking propecia and minox during all that time? What happens after I get the HT, wait for the hair to grow back? Also, what should I watch out for after I have the HT?

7) When should I seriously start thinking about getting a HT? I'm just going into a norwood 3 now but I'm taking the big three. I don't want to wait too late and have to pay an extra 1000 to get more hair transplanted in.

8) How would I know if I was a good candidate for a HT. I've read that fine hair can be pretty bad because you'd need more hair transplanted to that area to make it look good, but I'm blonde which might help? My father is bald but has a little left on top and the sides, my grandfather lost his hair also but in his later years.

9) And finally, if I do get a HT, firstly would I be able to grow my hair long and would the hair on the sides grow at the same rate as the hair on top?

There we go, actually quite a few more than 9 questions but 9 subject areas anyway. Thank you for reading and hopefully I get some feedback. I'd really appreciate any help possible because I'm at a bit of a crossroads at the moment. Even if you can't answer all the questions, I'd love to hear from you.



06-28-2012, 06:15 AM
Before you even consider a HT you should make sure Propecia stops your hair loss for a year or so. Then, you must realize you will need to be on Propecia forever, unless some other treatment comes out that can replace it or you will continue to loose hair and you will require more and more transplants.

As for not wanting scars, you'll have to limit yourself to FUE and even then there are tiny scars in your donor area.

Each transplant is unique so density of transplanted hair varies. It will most likely never be as thick as it once was but it could be good coverage if you have good donor hair, respond well, and have a good surgeon.

You'll need to wait about a year to get the "full results" of the transplant.

I don't think anyone in their 20s should get a HT unless they have traction alopecia. You're bound to continue to loose more hair. Maybe late 20s, but that's pushing it.

The only way you will know if you're a good candidate is by seeing a surgeon and having him examine you.