View Full Version : Intense Hair Shedding after a Year of using Rogaine and Propecia

06-27-2012, 10:10 AM
Hey guys,

I am wondering what might be going on.

Background Information:
-Started loosing my hair just before I turned 16 (realized by the time I was 17 and started looking at past photos)
-Went on Propecia at 18
-Added 5% Rogaine Foam at the age of 19

Current Regimen:
-1.25mg generic finasteride taken daily
-5% Rogaine foam applied twice a day

So here's the story. After starting Rogaine foam at around July 2011, I noticed my hair stopped falling out as much. Come December, very little hairs were falling out of my head. During the winter holidays, I had to go off Rogaine foam for 2 weeks as I was awaiting a new shipment to arrive (I get them it off ebay as it is not available in Canada). In January, I started noticing that my hair started shedding more than usual and maintained at this little above normal-level for several months. Recently this shedding has worsened. When I grab the hairs from the top of my head and gently pull, at least 3-5 strands come out. When I rub my head (frequent habbit while studying), I see many fine/miniturized hairs fall on my textbook- compare this back in Decemeber when only 1-2 thick hairs fall out.

As an additional piece of information, I started using Pantine Pro V Fine Shampoo and Conditioner a couple of months ago if that matters.

Does anybody have any idea of what might be going on?
Is this part of a hair cycle? All this is making me want to try adding 0.5mg/duasteride a week to my program.

Just when things seemed to be fine, they get worse than ever before..

25 going on 65
06-27-2012, 10:24 AM
I have gone through several sheds while on meds that eventually resolved themselves. Have you only noticed this through hair fall, or does the hair on your head seem to be getting visibly worse?

06-27-2012, 02:46 PM
I think it is getting visibly worse, especially at the corners of the frontal area. How long did the shedding typically last for you? Was it visible? Did your hair grow back?