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06-21-2012, 12:09 PM
Long time lurker, first time poster...

I'm 29, and a diffuse thinner (kind of). Im around Nw4-nw5. If I run my hands over my head, it feels like a full head of hair. Obviously alot of tiny hairs still lurking.

I've decided to go down the transplant route in combination with scalp pigments. I've been cutting my hair grade 0 or grade 1 since I was 16, out of choice. Its the only thing that suits me. Im 29 now.

I had my first HT a month ago, only 1600 grafts. The idea being to get enough hair at a low density, and then add the illusion of density through scalp pigments (I have black hair).

Firstly, I DIDNT PAY FOR THE TRANSPLANT! Its a VERY well known clinic. I paid a deposit, but nowhere near the full amount. Over the last month ive been exchanging emails with them, but no word on the money. Should I get excited? Screw ethics! Theyre very very busy, i hope ive slipped through the net. Has it happened to anyone here?

Second, Im very scared to take fin, but recently saw a thread on here of a diffuse type thinner getting VERY good growth with fin + minox.

So the questions, on forums i see more bad things said about fin than good. Man breasts, watery ejaculation, loss of sex drive, depression, tingles in areas you dont want to tingle. Is their an independant study or poll that gives some indication of how likely these side effects are..? There seems to be alot of guys who stop fin, and still have no sex drive one or two years later! I feel quite confident that i could at the very least save all the hair behind my frontal region. The only reason im considering it now is because of Histogen and Allergen.

I strongly believe Allergen will have something, and Histogen is just a question of when. I dont believe any of the stem cell guys will have a viable treatment. At most they will add some knowledge about hair cells.

Myth or fact....If i save all my hair with fin + minox for 2-3 years, and then stop. Will my hairloss play catch up and bald at hyper speed?

Myth or fact....I go to the gym 3-4 times a week to build muscle. Does fin effect muscle growth and strength?