View Full Version : upcoming treatments

06-21-2012, 12:06 PM
I for one get a little peeved that we hear all these potential treatments ASC J6, CB, RU, allergan, OC.....but we can't get hold of any of these (not easily anyway!) All these products have big potential and we know that, but we can't use them!

I like reading the cutting edge treatments on this site, but nothing has (seemingly) progressed since I joined 8 months ago. I just feel that if you left and came back in 2 years you would find that its the same old threads and discussions.

I hate to sound like a negative Nancy, as I'm normally so positive and I think some of the posters here I really like reading (Pate is very knowledgable, Tracy gives good honest advice, 2020 makes me laugh and knows a fair bit too and obv Spencer is a legend!) Just wanted to share my thoughts. I really hope something does come out. I really want to try something new out :)