View Full Version : Getting bloodwork tomorrow -- what DHT/T levels do I want to reduce my fin use?

06-18-2012, 06:07 PM
A while back some doc on Spencer's show stated that everyone should have bloodwork to determine where their DHT and T levels were, and to use that info in conjunction with their finasteride dosage... But he never said what levels one wanted to have!

Does anyone know what the "sweet spot" DHT level is that one wants to stop hairloss while maintaining enough DHT for normal male functions?

A little background on myself -- at 35, I've been on propecia (and now generic 5mg finasteride) since I was 22. I also use Rogaine when I can, but it's just not a practical product. I've maintained a pretty great hairline, my vertex being the only real problem. And while I've been losing ground for the past five years, I still have a pretty enviable head of hair, at least in the MPB community. While looking at vertex hair transplant photos, I look close to many of the "after" photos, and with a little creative combing I can cover up pretty well.

Also, I've been fortunate enough to have no real side effects from fin. My libido feels like that of an 18 year-old, I have morning wood, and if I'm ever desensitized, it's due to too many drinks. HOWEVER, I have noticed that my seminal fluid is quite watery, and as I'd like to have kids in the coming 5 years or so, I worry that fin is sterilizing me.

SO, while I sit here in Los Angeles waiting for Histogen to stick their pretty little needles into my vertex, I'm hoping to taper my finasteride usage a bit in case I'm cooking my swimmers.

So what DHT level should I shoot for?

06-18-2012, 06:18 PM
it's not all about DHT...

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