View Full Version : Raymond Konior, MD - Chicago - Repair of Facelift Scar and Sideburn Deformity

Raymond Konior, MD
06-16-2012, 03:04 AM
This female patient presented to my office with a history of having undergone a facelift which resulted in unsightly scars and displaced sideburns. The facelift technique that was used pulled her original sideburn hair tuft upwards and backwards thereby leaving her with hairless sideburn regions. Her surgeon also used incisions behind her ears at the base of the lower hairline which healed with unsightly linear scars and multiple stitch marks. She was extremely disturbed by the lost sideburns and the visible scars because of her preference to wear her hair pulled back. She was offered the option of repair using follicular-unit hair restoration to rebuild the lost sideburns and to camouflage the harshness of the lower hairline scarring. She was told that the scars would not disappear, but rather they would be “lost” in the new transplant zone. Grafts in both regions were meticulously oriented to follow the native hair directions so as to provide for a seamless integration and undetectable result within the respective zones.