View Full Version : Post OP - Vitamins suggestions?

06-14-2012, 02:43 PM
I will be undergoing my first HT on Tuesday and wanted to order some supplements to help hair growth. Already purchased MSM 1500mg capsules for 2x daily.

Any other suggestions? Thanks

06-15-2012, 06:35 PM
intel..........good start with the MSM. I would add biotin 5000mcg daily and a good multivitamin. Do some research on the multi. Most of the stuff you buy in retail stores are junk. I get most of my stuff from vitacost...they have a good one. Others out their as well. Also look into Vitamin E. specifically Tocomin SupraBio. With MSM, biotin, and Toco you'll get a good response in terms of growth rate and hair quality. Don't be surpised if your nails grow quicker as well. Avoid smoking and excessive Alcohol.

Best to hold off starting this untill a couple days after surgury. Some will thin the blood a bit and increase bleeding. Specifically Vit E and MSM. Biotin is safe.

Good luck Tuesday.

06-18-2012, 10:49 AM
Be sure to cover this with your doctor. Some docs are okay with supplements and other vitamins and others are not, especially immediately post-op.

06-20-2012, 07:26 PM
As a very long time vitamin user over the years starting from the age of 12 I would say at this point their value is very limited and sometimes can be detrimental. Do I still use a good vitamin, yes but in very small amounts as I have been a member of the Life Extension Foundation for over 25 years and there might be some trace mineral I may be missing.

Healing from nutrition is best achieved by eating nutrient dense foods. Some of the best would include those highest in cholesterol as it functions as an important component in the healing of wounds. Most carnivores instinctively know to tear open the gut and devour the organs as that is where the nutrition is at along with the highest fat content. Might I suggest some liver from an animal raised strictly on pasture the natural diet of a herbivore. Now most that have not thoroughly researched the subject would be deathly afraid to eat liver due to its high cholesterol count but they know very little about the subject. In fact anything high in cholesterol is shunned. But by eliminating something that is very natural to the human diet you not only set yourself up for slow would healing you are a very likely candidate for cancer which would be a good reason to stay away from statins and the idea of lowering cholesterol. I know not a popular opinion :-)

Now the big food processors and pharmaceutical companies are not going to agree with this but there in business to make money not to help your body heal itself.

When you lightly cook that liver add some garlic as its a natural antibiotic.