View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey approximately 200 graft scar repair case

Dr. Lindsey
06-12-2012, 07:00 AM
This fellow had a cyst taken off of his crown a few years ago. He developed a fairly wide scar and then had a surgeon excise and revise the scar. Unfortunately, it widened back out. Now I don’t know if he had a single or multiple layer closure….but as he’d had bad luck with scar excision previously, I offered him graft placement into the scar. We discussed the variability of this too and that it will likely take a year or a little more to get the final result. Plus, in the crown, his hair splays out from this area naturally, so even if every graft grows…he’ll still have a little thinness in the crown.
We did this quick case last week and he had his sutures out yesterday. He lives some distance from my office but I’m hopeful he’ll send periodic updates by email. We discussed FUE vs a small strip and he chose the strip, even though he’d had a scar problem in the past. I agreed with this choice as he had VERY fine hairs and I’m not sure he was the perfect FUE candidate.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA