View Full Version : What Did I Just See? Strip Scars on TV?

Follicle Death Row
06-09-2012, 08:30 AM
Any F1 fans out there? I was watching the Canadian GP practice today and they had Jacques Villeneuve on as a guest presenter/analyst and he has shaved his right down and it suits him quite well. When he turned his head it looked like I could see a few horizontal lines in the donor region. Have I really gone mad and I'm seeing things or has he had HTs? Looked like 3 shortish strip scars to me. Am I right?

06-09-2012, 05:10 PM
Google him and hair transplant and you will find discussions that he " probably " had something done .

It looked OK for a while then as expected he lost more hair and I guess he figured he'd pull a Joe Rogan and get on with life

Good for JV , he looks fine and probbaly doesn't give sh*t about the scars !!

Follicle Death Row
06-09-2012, 08:02 PM
Somehow though the shadow of the transplanted hair works nicely shaved down. Looks very natural now save for those scars. They're not all that bad really. After seeing him on TV again I can tell you he has had 3 procedures for sure as there's 3 stacked scars at the back (albeit short ones; not ear to ear). Definitely pulls off the shaved head look very well. Good for Jacques.

Thing with transplants is you see these norwood 2 or 3 cases where people are like whoa, amazing density, nice negative norwood hairline. So what. I'm impressed when I see spectacular norwood 6 restorations because tbh that's a real result. HTs can go to $h!t when all the native hair decides to depart. That's why I'd be so hesitant myself in getting a HT someday. Young guys look at what can be done with norwood 2s and 3s while I'm thinking long term. What would I look like at 40, 50 at norwood 6 with my donor maxed out. Would I be happy long term? Or are transplants a short term fix like putting your finger in the dike or kicking the can down the road and hoping for the best.

When you look at the patient sites done independently it seems to me that most aren't fully satisfied after 1 HT either. For instance they often suffer with the right hand side of the hairline and lack natural looking density.

I'm beginning to think the results we see posted by the clinics are the exception and not the rule. I've seen many results out there by every single doc that I would not be happy with. Uneven hairlines and stalky hair up front that points arseways from the best of them. The more I search around and read, the more of a skeptic I become. I know great results are possible but I'm beginning to think they're not probable for most of us unless we luck out with the result. :(

06-10-2012, 09:35 AM
Well, I had 1 session 12 yrs ago and I now buzz it down with 1 1/2 guard
The scar is faintly noticable, but not ear to ear , if you know what you are looking for.
I agree , some of these sessions Ive seen look great after a yr but as you proceed to lose more hair you need to go back for another session .......something I have no desire to do ..to fill it in.
I would like to see what they look like after 10, yrs or more when then lose more hair , like I did .
Some of the best looking HT's ( Joetronic and Spex ) I belive had had upwards of 4, 5 or more HT's