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05-31-2012, 05:21 AM
Hey gents, first post all the way from Adelaide, Australia.

Just looking for some reassurance/guidance more than anything I underwent FUT surgery (2000 units) back in early march of this year. Most of the transplants were to improve my receding hairline and a few in the front.

I recovered post-op really quickly and did everything right, I was really happy with the operation and my surgeon, Dr. Marzola was great. I am however beginning to worry quite a bit as I seem to be losing a significant amount of long, thick established hairs... as in huge handfuls each morning when I run my hand through my hair and showering. It's not just the transplanted area it seems to be all over. This is the worst run of hairloss I've ever had and it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all.

This is most prevalent through the frontal region of my hairline and it is becoming increasingly prevalent, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover up. I would probably class myself as norwood scale 3a, with some thinning in my crown as well. I'm pretty lucky because the hair that I do have is really thick and has good volume, but the front of my hair is deteriorating very quickly.

I have been on meds for coming up 2 years now and have been using them daily (finasteride, 2mls of 0.7% minoxidil and saw palmetto tabletts) to begin with the results were fantastic and pretty immediate. My hairloss came to a complete halt and my hair actually started to grow back!! However probably from 12 months onwards the effects of the meds started to stop and I started losing hair again... to the point of my hairloss being worse than when I first started, hence the reasoning behind getting the FUT done. Numerous doctors and dermatologists assured me that if I maintain my meds I'll keep the hair that I currently have, but it has been getting worse and worse over the last 12 months.

I do understand that shock loss can occur after such ops and I am aware that the hair falls out in cycles, but I can't help feeling something isn't right. I'm young (25), relatively fit and healthy and try to look after myself pretty well. I figured that if I addressed the problem quick, I would have a good, healthy head of hair throughout my 30's and hopefully 40's. However as it currently stands, I'm almost contemplating the clippers, making the entire procedure useless and costly.

Anybody out there experiencing the same symptoms or been through this themselves??? One of the only things I can think of for the hairloss could be the potency of the minoxidil?? I put it on during the night and then in the morning it's almost as if it is really drying out my hair and damaging it.

I know it is early days and I did intend on undergoing at least one more procedure. I'll definitely stick it out for as long as I can bare and for as long as my hairstyle still looks respectable. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Good hair days are becoming few and far between!

05-31-2012, 06:57 AM
G'day mate,

Sounds like it could well be some shockloss. Did your surgeon shave down the recipient area ?

Did you have existing native hair in the area worked on ?


06-01-2012, 06:07 AM
I thought as much with the shock loss.
Recipient area wasn't shaved down, and had only just started to noticeably thin prior to the op. Definitely a lot more noticeable now.

Any thoughts on my minoxidil theory? I did actually do a bit of an experiment and have stopped applying it for the last week (still taking finasteride) and the hair loss has actually slowed.??...