View Full Version : Dr Mwamba -MyWHTC: BHT as Alternative Source of Donor supply

05-22-2012, 07:20 AM
The big challenge in hair transplant is to manage the donor area wisely in order to have solutions to future hair loss progression when it occurs. Candidates with extensive baldness were being disqualified for surgery because we considered them as bad candidates.

Because their inside pain is strong and sometimes devastating, we have been looking for different ways to help them: cloning, cell multiplication, cell regenerative technology (Prp, Acell ) and now due to FUE/FIT, we can also explore BHT.

Let me point out on the outset that BHT is not a miracle solution. Our first goal in hair transplant being naturalness; you can encounter an issue of mismatching between donor and recipient. Beard hairs for example are coarser and darker than scalp hairs, at a certain length they tend to be wiry. Also, leg hairs may look too thin with less pigmentation than scalp hair and act as miniaturized hairs when they grow, i.e., they may not provide good coverage.

In addition, BHT hair cycle is different from Scalp hairs hair cycle, and this factor impacts growth rate very much.

Another factor is the difficulty of extraction (acute angle, change of hair direction). This makes it very challenging to a performer who may get discouraged when facing the possibility of an incredible high number of damaged hairs that may lead to poor results in the end.

However, my point is not really to raise all the limitations we can encounter but to see all the incredible new horizons such technique can offer when we persevere in learning how to do it right.

BHT is not just a transfer of body hairs to scalp hairs. We can also transfer body hairs to body hairs and solve a vast amount of problems our patients encounter.

We can also use scalp hairs to build back our beard, create a goat look, replenish pubic hairs, chest hairs, etc...

I just wanted to illustrate the direct post-op look of such procedures: