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05-21-2012, 12:00 PM
I got back to London from the second procedure with Dr De Reys about a month ago.

I'm very happy with the result although I was also very happy with the first operation which I had with him last year.

I chose him because I knew he had been the lead surgeon at the Pro Clinic, which is also in Belgium.

My overall impression? Very professional and very experienced. He seems to be trying to limit the number of clients he has these days.

His Rep said I was a Norwood class 5 going on 6.

Here are some photos of me before I had anything done:

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/01%20PreOp%202011/03s%20PreOp%202011%20Left.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/01%20PreOp%202011/02s%20PreOp%202011%20Front%20Aerial.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/01%20PreOp%202011/01s%20PreOp%202011%20From%20Right.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/01%20PreOp%202011/04s%20PreOp%202011%20Front.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/01%20PreOp%202011/05s%20PreOp%202011%20Rear.jpg

This is straight after the first operation. 3000 grafts put in front and centre.

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/02%20PostOp%202011/01s%20PostOp%202011%20Right.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/02%20PostOp%202011/02s%20PostOp%202011%20Front.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/02%20PostOp%202011/03s%20PostOp%202011%20Left.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/02%20PostOp%202011/04s%20PostOp%202011%20Front.jpg

I've been asked a few times about the donor area so I dug up some photos from the day after each operation to see if I had any of the donor area.

This is what I had.

For Operation 1, I had two reasonable photos of the donor area after the first operation.



If you look closely, especially on the one taken from the left side, you can still see small points of blood which formed on top of the tiny holes made during the extraction.

I'm afraid I didn't think about snapping the donor area at the time so these are the only two donor area photos that I've got for the first op.

Anyway, When I got home, I kept on taking photos and here are some shots after three days. You can still see the crusts (or scabs) on the scalp. At this stage, you're not supposed to touch the hair.

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/03%20Day%203%202011/03s%20Day%203%202011%20Left.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/03%20Day%203%202011/02s%20Day%203%202011%20Front.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/03%20Day%203%202011/01s%20Day%203%202011%20Right.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/03%20Day%203%202011/05s%20Day%203%202011%20Right.jpg

This is how it looked after seven days. Now I was allowed to wash my hair using a special Aloe Vera shampoo that Dr De Reys gave me.

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/04%20Day%207%202011/03s%20Day%207%20Left.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/04%20Day%207%202011/02s%20Day%207%20Front.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/04%20Day%207%202011/01s%20Day%207%20Right.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/04%20Day%207%202011/04s%20Day%207%20Aerial.jpg

After 3 months. Here you can see that the transplanted hairs had already started to shed. This is normal and after they had fallen out, they came back again after five or six months. At this stage I'm still using the Aloe Vera shampoo
and also applying an Aloe Vera cream in the evening.

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/05%20Three%20Months/03s%203%20Months%20Left.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/05%20Three%20Months/02s%203%20Months%20Aerial.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/05%20Three%20Months/01s%203%20Months%20Right.jpg

Before I go on, I have to admit that I cut my hair a few times in the first few months (I did it myself at home with a set of clippers).

I'd always had a buzz cut before the first operation to hide my thinning hair.

It was an eye-opener growing it in the months before the op because I finally saw how much had gone!

Dr De Reys recommended I grow it before the operation but on operating day his nurse cut it back down to grade one.

I also have to admit that after three months I let the photos slide a little ;)...but I also started to let the hair grow out.

I still had it cut but now it was at the barber shop!

It was great to visit the barber again and get a proper haircut - no need to use the clippers at home anymore.

So here are some photos at around eight months, just before I went to see Dr De Reys again for the second op.

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/06%20Eight%20Months/03s%208%20Months%20Left.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/06%20Eight%20Months/02s%208%20Months%20Front.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/06%20Eight%20Months/01s%208%20Months%20Right.jpg

Now a few days after these photos (at eight months) I went to see Dr De Reys for the second operation.

This time I wanted to get the back done and he said I had 2000 grafts still available in the donor area.

He also said that the grafts from the first op were not all through yet and he expected the full result to show at twelve months.

I'd already decided to add more to my temples, to bring the hairline even more forward.

Dr De Reys said it was no problem. He put 350 grafts to fill in the temples a bit more. The rest (1650) he transplanted into the back of my head.

Here are the pics he took immediately after the second operation:

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/07%20Op2%20PostOp/03s%20Op2%20PostOp%20Left.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/07%20Op2%20PostOp/02s%20Op2%20PostOp%20Front.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/07%20Op2%20PostOp/01s%20Op2%20PostOp%20Right.jpg

You can see how he added a little to the temples to move the hairline forward. You can also see that there's absolutely no scarring from the first operation. Here's the result after one week:

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/08%20Op2%20Day%207/01s%20Op%202%20Day%207%20right.jpg http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/08%20Op2%20Day%207/02s%20Op%202%20Day%207%20aerial.jpghttp://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/08%20Op2%20Day%207/01s%20Op%202%20Day%207%20right.jpg

I've got more photos of the donor area for the second op though.

Here you can see the small points of blood much more clearly. These have disappeared completely now and there is no scarring.





A week later, the points are already disappearing but still visible.


http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/09%20PostOp%20Donor%20Area/08%20Op%202%20Donor%20Area%201%20week%20left%20v3. jpg

http://www.nikkipeiris.com/Photos/09%20PostOp%20Donor%20Area/09%20Op%202%20Donor%20Area%201%20week%20left%20v2. jpg

Now I've got some more photos of 1 month post-op (although I'm not on this forum as much so there's always a delay before I post ;)






I've also received a ton of questions since I did this first post so I'm going to try and post some more answers at the end of this thread as they keep coming in.

I'll put up some two month and three months photos soon.

Hope you like this journal and let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see or know!

07-04-2012, 12:47 AM
Here's another update with the photos at 3 months. You can see the original transplant hairs are really going strong now. It took about 5 months before the hairs from the first transplant showed at all so the hairs from the second operation aren't showing yet.






07-04-2012, 07:39 AM
nice pics.

i think someone head the crown TP hair take longer

08-01-2012, 07:30 AM
Hey, I'm going to put up some more photos soon but I've had a ton of questions so I thought I'd answer a few of those first.

The doctor prescribed me finasteride 1mg during the first op. I'd never taken any medication or shampoos before and I think it's helping but it's not making any new hairs.

Dr De Reys kind of explained it to me and he said he was going to put an interview about it on his Facebook page but I haven't seen it yet. Maybe he's scared of those big drug companies :-O

There's loads about finasteride and regonaine online but has anyone from the forum got any advice for me? Is it true about those side-effects? Should I start with minoxidl as well/instead? Seems to be going well with just finasteride so far...



09-05-2012, 02:23 AM
Right, so here's the four month update. As you can see the hairs from the new transplant at the crown are really starting to show. I can't wait for the full results in 12 months! :)






I'll put up some five month photos soon.



12-16-2012, 09:20 AM
It's five month time (I know it's been longer than that!! Sorry work keeps getting in the way). This time I've pulled the hair back on the right and left so you can see how the extra grafts at the temples are coming through. I'll keep doing this from now on (promise ;))







It's the big six months next time and I'll try and update a bit quicker this time ;) Happy Holidays for now, people!!

09-20-2013, 08:05 AM

Two week updates!

OK, the two week mark is here. Got some chest photos for you this time but first the head. All the swelling is now most definitely history although the shedding has defo set in now too. As you can see, there's no shock loss going on! Here's the first set of photos:








And here's the big one! The chest! 2 weeks after the OP, the soreness is gone and it's all healing up nicely :))



09-20-2013, 07:06 PM
William I have asked you a question on the chest extractions in the past only out of curiosity. Seeing the pictures now I would like to know if the same person extracted all the fue's from the chest area or were 2 different people working on each side?

How to you feel about the healing of the chest area when comparing both sides?

The right side seems to have healed better.

09-24-2013, 05:02 AM
Nice my friend! Is your chest gonna heal? There are some very small dots (scars) there. What did your doctor say?

09-26-2013, 06:27 PM
Wow. That is soooo cool. :)