View Full Version : Do you feel better or worse about your hair loss posting about it?

05-21-2012, 09:17 AM
I first started researching message boards about hair loss to get information and see others opinions. Now after being registered for about a month I feel less concerned about my hair loss. With that said, I think it's because I realized I'm blowing the situation out of proportion. Yeah it sucks, but life moves on. You try and treat it as best as possible and work with what you have.

05-21-2012, 09:23 AM
I figure you are not uncommon in that response. That's why I think I'm going to stay off hair loss sites. People seem really depressed about their hair loss and sometimes I am too. I think these sites are very helpful in finding information out to try and fight baldness but there definitely seems to be a sort of negativity that is perpetuated.

05-21-2012, 09:35 AM
Who said I was running? I am embracing my hair loss. I'm just choosing to do it in a positive way.