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05-18-2012, 12:32 PM

There has been a lot of talk of this drug on ***. just wondered if anyone had heard of it on here?


05-18-2012, 05:47 PM
Link? Can't find anything on "asc-j9" on ***, or elsewhere.

edit: Mm nevermind. http://www.hairlosshelp.com/forums/searchresults.cfm?requesttimeout=500

05-20-2012, 04:02 AM
Yes we've heard of it on here.

Development seems to have stalled, we haven't heard anything new since the Phase II trials for acne.

It would be a miracle if this is released commercially for MPB in the next five years, although you may be able to get it from the Chinese labs. *** would be the place to find out about that.

CB-03-01 is still the only new anti-androgen likely to be released commercially for MPB in the next five years.