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05-16-2012, 09:40 AM
This patient was a Norwood 6 who already had a surgery with the “less is more” technique to fill the top. His goal was to lower his hair line.
Then the patient asked us if we could also transplant his beard on a patchy spot on his cheek that was bothering him. We told him it was possible as it was a transfer in the same area (beard to beard) similar to hair transplant (scalp hair to scalp hair).
Interestingly, the patient reported that beard hair didn't shed in the post op as we observed in scalp hairs. We need to compare with others patient's testimony to see if this is an exception or the rule!
And 2 years and 8 months later the patient kept the same results as shown in the following pictures:




During his last visit, the patient came for a big BHT session (beard and chest) to cover the vertex. He took the opportunity to do another BHT to BHT session (beard to beard) and we wanted to illustrate this procedure with close up pictures of the donor and the recipient area.


In summary, we just want to say that transfer of hairs from the same area seems produce better results than hairs coming from different sources in the body. This is because the first element into play is the naturalness produced by those hairs matching together. Also, we do not need high density to produce great coverage which depends on factors such as: (1) Hair caliber, (2) Hair color or pigmentation, (3) hair angulation, and (4) of course hair density.

In our patient case, the beard was coarse, a mixture of dark brown and red , implanted at flat angle (0 to 5 degree) from the skin, at low density. And the results are in the following pictures:



05-16-2012, 11:49 AM
This is really an excellent outcome. I've seen scalp hair that was transplanted to the mustache or beard area and it always looks a bit strange to me. This is perfect and the work looks pristine!