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05-10-2012, 05:10 AM
Past Experience:
I would like to start off by stating that i have had a past HT over 2 1/2 years ago by he who shall not be named (rhymes wit Bary Mapiro). The results results were not satisfying to say the least. I was left with an unnatural looking hairline and a hefty donor scar which prevented me from almost ever taking off my hat.

My consultation with Dr. Glenn Charles was very pleasant. Of course the moment i took off my ball cap he acknowledged the poor work that was done and seemed blown away by the large donor scar. Rather than hyping me up with some sales pitch and unrealistic expectations, Dr. Charles was very honest and up front with me, something i very much appreciated. While removing such a large scar, he anticipated i could only harvest approximately 1000 grafts and advised me to massage my scalp several times a day (which i did religiously). After leaving the office i felt as if i was now in the hands of someone who actually cared about helping me get my life back.

Procedure: 5/8/12
After changing into my gown i prepared myself for the numbing shots, which really didn't hurt very much at all. During the procedure i just relaxed while watching T.V. and chatting with the friendly staff. They were very gentle and cautious in preventing any pain. After all the incisions were filled, it turned out that i amazing still had more grafts, so more incisions were made. When it was all finished, i had a bit over 1800 grafts placed (i guess the massaging works). Some pictures were taken and Dr. Charles thoroughly went over the post-op instructions.

All in all, the difference between my past doctor and Dr. Charles really was like night and day. I cannot express begin to express my gratitude. The massive scar is finally GONE and i truly believe in the work done by Dr. Charles. I'm on the road to getting my life back. I know i made the right choice in choosing Dr. Charles

It day 2 post op. I have been taking my medications as instructed. i'm not in any pain at all. Everything looks good thus far.
I started taking propecia and i'll begin taking rogaine in 2 weeks.

Sorry for the long post i could easily write a 10 page paper on this experience

Please let me know what you think of the photos.. :eek: look at that huge scar!

P.S. In-case you didn't figure it out, the doctor that rhymes with Bary Mapiro is LARRY SHAPIRO. Just as a warning to those of you looking for a doctor, i urge you to avoid Larry Shapiro (you can see his butchering below).. I'd recommend the fantastic Dr. Charles instead :P

05-12-2012, 11:48 AM
Your hairline is going to look awesome. IMHO, the 1800 grafts were placed in a way that will improve the appearance of the frontal third tremedously, you'll see.

Nice to hear of your experience and best wishes to you on the regrowth and getting rid of the former scar! ;)