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Limmer HTC
05-09-2012, 11:56 AM
Today’s case shows the preop and 10 month post op photos from a single pass ultra refined follicular unit micrografting session of ~ 1300 grafts in June of 2011. The patient is a post menopausal female who developed deep temporal recessions and localized thinning in her frontal tuft. While medical therapy will help, the areas of concern can only be addressed by transplantation. Approximately 400-450 ultra refined follicular unit micrografts were placed in each temporal recession and the frontal tuft taking her from a male like Norwood Pattern 2–3 back to a more natural female hairline…..Ludwig’s pattern I. The patient is very happy as she can now wear her hair pulled back and no longer expose her once deeply receded temporal recessions along with her additional frontal tuft density.
Dr. Brad Limmer