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04-30-2012, 02:06 PM
Hello friends,

So I've been on fin for about 4 months about to start my fifth tomorrow. I started treatment when I was at Norwood 1.5 or so. Ive also been using Nizoral 2% once a week. What I've noticed when treating my hairloss is that on days where my scalp and forehead are oily I lose more hair than on days where my face is not covered in oil. I was away at college and a poor diet has made my face oiler and I'm desperately trying to control the amount of oil. Has anyone expierenced this? Another thing I've noticed is that when I lose hair there is a white bulb attached to the root. I know I'm able to control oil because I've done it before and I think the sebum is why I'm losing hair. I was also wondering when I should expect results from Fin? It honestly just looks like my hair has gotten worse. I still can't tell what the difference is between a normal amount of hair to lose or what is considered the shed. My derm has also given me acne medication that used to control oil but isn't as effective.

I would appreciate feedback on how to gain the most out of treatment and how to minimize the oil.

Thanks again for your feedback fellas, all the best treating your hairloss.

Tracy C
04-30-2012, 02:25 PM
I started treatment when I was at Norwood 1.5 or so.

I was also wondering when I should expect results from Fin?

Hello J15,

The information on Finasteride states that it takes 12 full months before you will know if the medication is going to be able to arrest your hair loss. With that said, it can take longer before you will be able to tell if you are growing any lost hair back.

It is very important for you to know and understand that Norwood 1.5 to Norwood 2 is not a good indication of balding. You are more likely only experiencing the normal development of an adult mature male hair line. If that is the case, which it probably is, I do not believe any medication can prevent it - because it is both natural and normal for adult males to develop this hair line. This hair line is one of those physical traits that differ between males and females like a deeper voice, bigger hands, bigger feet, wider shoulders and so on.

Take care,


04-30-2012, 02:29 PM
I used to have a lot of sebum/oil in my hair, I would run my hand through my hair and my hand would end up covered in oil...not nice. I also used to get oily skin which I hated but it never caused me spot/acne problems.

Thing is I have not noticed the oil for a while, I think its got a lot better/virtually gone. I am not sure when this started happening but I started on fin about a month ago along with regaine and toco-8.

I am not too sure if these have had an affect on my sebum levels.

As for Propecia working....I have no idea, I don't expect it to work myself but am taking it as us sufferers have no other options. We will see.

Everyone will tell you to give it 6-12 months so thats all you can do.