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04-27-2012, 05:39 PM
Things are starting to get back to normal and now I am finding it hard to even believe that I had a hair transplant. By this point I was excepting my recipient area to be back to normal, but it is still pink in colour. As
I mentioned before it is slightly noticeable when you look at, but you would never suspect a hair transplant. I know I am my own worst enemy because I just need for it heal and be patient, I know in a few months time I will be looking back at these worries and laughing.

My progress so far:
Recipient Area –
Actual: Still slightly pink. Was in contact with Dr Woods and he mentioned if it was red & feels numb I may need antibiotics, but my head feels normal and it is slightly pink so need for that. If you look at the are really close you can see some needle marks from the procedure, my mum says its very very unnoticeable, but I got her to look closely at the area so I can write up on it.
What I expected: Skin to have already healed and to be back to normal.
Reality: Different people have different skins that all take different times to heal. I have to appreciate that my skin is healing it is just taking longer than what I expected.

Donor Area –
Actual: Everything is back to normal. Other than sometimes I get a little itchy (3 scratches and it is over) but I don’t believe this has anything to do with the transplant just my head is itchy.
What I expected: Actual meets up with expectations.

Actual: No shock hair lose. No real growth. Not that much hair falling out in the shower.
What I expected: Full set of hair. HAHHAHAH..joking… Looking at the long term, not really going to worry about the short.

Other topics of consideration:
The Meds: Back on Finasteride after day 5 or 6, but still only using minoxidil on the crown. When I used it on the front my head got slightly a little more pink. I am going to easy off it for one more week.
Gym/Sport: Next week I am starting it up again. Doctor Wood said just take it easy on the gym for a month because of the risk of contamination is higher at the gym. I feel that it’s a little over the top but I am following doctors orders.
Care tips: Try to stay out of the sun. I work in an office which means I leave to work in the morning and come home at night. So not a huge issue for me.
Hats: I went out with a warmer hat one night, and I found my head got really itchy & sweaty. As a result my skin was slightly pinker the next day. I am going to stay away from warm hats now.

Guys these are my observations, sometimes they may be a little crazy but this is what is going through my head.

I am putting together a video but I want to know if you would find it helpful. If you would like to vote head to my site (look at my profile) and vote.




05-20-2012, 02:22 AM
Hi Kd,

Thanks for sharing your situation and a even bigger thanks for you excellent journalling. I hope you keep posting your progress, I'm sure many people read it but like me they haven't been posting. Most of the time I check this site from my phone so I'm able to read but not type (it's pretty selfish for which I'm sorry)

I think your procedure is way way too small, it will make a difference but not as much as your hoping for imo. I see you are going for a top up soon as well. I'm not a fan of propecia but read you went on it recently... This should also help a great deal as it did with me

Although you have gone too low with the number of grafts you have at least gone with one of the best docs out there. I found and went for a surgery with Dr woods (after many previous bad experiences)in 2009 and the results were very good for 750 grafts

Good luck and thanks again for your posts

05-22-2012, 04:44 AM

thanks man. Sometimes you think people are not reading it and they are but dont comment.

When I get 500 more we will just have to see. I am looking for frame at this point.

My latest post I have come up with a bit of a hiccup but i know I will be fine just being paranoid. But really can not help it.

Thanks for the honest truth.