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Dr. Lindsey
04-24-2012, 06:48 AM
Here’s a fellow that I posted a few weeks ago now a little over a year out from 3000+ via strip.
He wants just a little more along the anterior hairline and then along the part. If you read his strip case post, you’ll know that I told him that I thought he looked great and the little improvement he’ll get from an all day affair of FUE may not be as much fun as spending that money on a vacation….

But he wants more hair and so I obliged. Notice the donor area before and after FUE harvest. In particular, his old strip scar by me did pretty well and I was able to get good FUEs from just adjacent to the scarline itself.
In fact the toughest part of the case was his really white skin and really gray hairs were so similar, that even with my 4x loupes, I had a tough time making the attempts. Of course once the skin was marked, Wendy had no trouble atruamatically removing and placing the FUEs.

I expect he’ll be back next spring for a check-in and if so I’ll put up his results.
Dr. Lindsey McLean VA