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04-21-2012, 07:59 PM

I just wanted to share with all of you fellow creepers who discretely research hair loss methods, potions, and surgeries, my experience with Hasson & Wong:
Back story:
It all started about, well, when I was born! My Mother and father cursed me with a damn thinning hairline that kicked off around age 21, or at least that’s when I became aware of it. Not the kind where your hairline corners run from your face because you’re ugly. Not the kind where you look like you wore a hood unmercifully growing up and burned a bald eagle in the back. No, mine is the kind where your hairline just gets thinner and thinner, until you subconsciously avoid direct sunlight and or bright halogen light exposure knowing that your scalp looks like a full moon bouncing off the pitch black ocean. Sure enough, I am now 27 and while the rest of my hair seemed to be staying put, just the front half of my head to my hairline was thinning. You all know my pain. It becomes an obsession, where you literally walk around playing, “spot the guy with the thickest hair and hate him for it!” I might also add, I have wavy dark brown hair, and kept it long to hide just how thin my hairline was. None of my friends thought I had thinning hair, but I knew I was well on my way to having an aero-dynamic dome. (Pictures are not included because I’m too awesome.)

Naturally, I started with drugs for the follicular preservation. Rogain routine morning and night at 21, (Target brand because the real stuff is outrageously priced) and propecia when I was 23. I must note that I have had 0 sexual side effects besides not being able to get it up, and occasional bleeding from my urethra.
Kidding aside… I really do not have any side effects that I know of.
Still, as the hair loss continued, I started to dance with the idea of a transplant. How crazy are the people that actually get these? How desperate does one have to be? Do they actually work? What makes you a good candidate? Who really has that kind of money? Would I be a terrible person for spending thousands on vanity while millions die of starvation? Why hasn’t Prince William, Bruce Willis, Andre Agassi, or millions of other ridiculously wealthy people had one of these done if they work so well?
All of these questions haunting me as I would spend hours here and there, looking at fake before and after pictures, or perhaps far too realistic ones where the guys would look just as bald as before!
A year passed, more hair fell out, my job of hiding it became harder and harder. By this time my flirting with the idea had became a full on affair… then it happened.
I stumbled upon Hasson and Wong. These guys had an abundance of success stories. These guys had youtube videos of results! I kid you not the video’s are what threw me over the edge of “Never will I…” to “This just might work!”
After reading forums and other success stories, I decided to submit my own makeshift photos that I took myself.

Within a couple days, I got a call from Mike Ferko. I had read that he was a straight up kinda guy, no BS. About 1 minute in we were busting up laughing because I told him I was a shedder, and he thought I said something else. I began telling him my story, my research, and he pretty much told me EVERYTHING I wanted to know about the deal, including the stuff most people don’t want to hear. The shaving of the head, the staples, and the hardest part…THE WAITING 5 MONTHS FOR THE HAIR TO COME IN!
He told me that Dr. J Wong reviewed my pictures, and that I would need about 2,000-2,500 grafts in the hairline to achieve my desired results.

I slept on it, did more research, asked for contacts of a few people that had the procedure done and spoke to them about how they felt about their experience, (highly recommend this part), and researched more. I felt really good about Hasson and Wong. Mike did a great job of setting realistic expectations, and my tax return was around the corner. Now the real challenge…How do I hide this from my work, roommates and friends?
I was able to take a 3 and a half week vacation, and told everyone I was just going on vacation to Canada and Seattle to get away.
Wow… This was actually working! I just might get away with this…
I decided to pull the hair trigger.
March 15th, 2012
The day of the procedure:
The hotel was very nice, and I must say Canada is beautiful from what I got to see of the city. I truly wish I had more time to roam and party with the people who were easily the nicest people I’ve ever met. Although next time I go I won’t have to wear a hat to hide my Frankenscalp.
I arrived at the office at 10 AM to wait for the pre surgery consultation. Dr. Wong was in the middle of another procedure he had started at 6AM, so I poured myself a cup of tea to ease the nerves. When I stepped into his office, he starting checking my scalp for elasticity, checking my hairline, and told me we were going to keep my same hairline, just reinforce the troops if you know what I mean. Perfect!
I changed into the sexy black surgery shirt, stepped into the back room where the surgery chair was, and J Wong took the sheers to my scalp. There goes the hair! I have never ever shaved my head in my life, and never cut it shorter than 6 inches in the past few years because I needed it longer to hide how thin my hairline actually was. I guess that’s it… No going back! Never mind the fact that I paid for it, took a crazy long vacation, and flew to Canada. The hair is gone, so this is happening!
Next came probably the most nerve racking part. The taking of the strip! I laid face down on the chair as they taped off the area, and immediately I started talking to the nurses and J Wong to get my mind off the impending damage…(sorry if I rambled guys). After the numbing, a few minutes of small talk, and some major pressure, the strip was out and the staples were in!

Whew, much easier than I expected. The whole area and the staples just felt really tight, as if to say my scalp was being stretched and held together by staples. Think about that…

Immediately, the nurses went straight to work on the harvesting of my blades of head grass and Dr Wong started to numb up my recipient area. He told me I had some of the most unique cowlick hair growth he had seen. My hair grows in crazy directions, so he definitely had his work cut out to match my hair patterns! (Another reason I chose this facility over others) After Wong made the incisions, his charming nurses started planting the hair seeds. This part was only painful when the numbing juices started to wear off, which they were quick to add more when I mentioned any discomfort. I remember this one spot on the center of my head that just had the darndest time staying numb, and that’s the part I could feel the most.

I watched 2 movies, had a delectable chicken cashew lunch, and almost dozed off for a moment or two. 8:15 PM we finished, and I had probably what looked to be the sexiest haircut in the world. Front half of my head shaved; back half of my head about 6 inches long still. Fortunately, I was able to come back the next day for a hair wash, and a famous haircut from the lovely nurse Carmen!
She hooked me up with a fly new dew that hid the staples quite nicely. Unfortunately I still looked bald, so it was going to take some getting used to. They gave me a hat that became my best friend for the next 2 weeks, and I was off! The deed was done.
Day 1 post op:
I went to a concert. Someone there asked me why I was in Canada. I told them I was the head of research in my department of growth and development, and had a hairy situation to deal with.
No pain, just more of a tight feeling on the staples and I still found that I could sleep the best on my back. Scalp is very red. Only took the pain meds at night. Oh and the sleeping pills.
Day 2 Post op:
Slight swelling in the forehead. Still very tight around the staples; scalp red. Time to fly home. On with the hat!
Flew in to see my sister, looked in the mirror. Yikes! Swelling has increased, ironically in the shape of the hat I was wearing all day. At least my sister and her husband got a kick out of it. Bosley commercial came on while we were all watching TV in the living room. They both immediately looked at me, and after I gave the nod of approval we all started busting up laughing!
Day 3 post op:
Sleeping with staples is uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Swelling is dropping from forehead to my eyes. I look like Sloth from the Goonies! O well. Sill went shopping with my family. Got some looks from people, but they must have been checking out my stylin hat.
Day 4 post op:
Swelling is now in the bags of my eyes. The bags are doing their job, holding all the numbing juices that have fallen from my scalp! Recipient area is still red and scabby, but not painful. I rubbed hard over staples in the shower, but I think I was a little too careful washing recipient area.
7 Days post op:
Swelling is gone; redness is gone, now it just looks like a sunburn is healing on my scalp. Staples are starting to itch, and it’s uncomfortable at times.
Day 14 post op:
Still some scabs on my head, mostly because I babied the area while washing. I was scared I would rip out grafts and botch my thousand dollar investment, so I didn’t mind letting them fall off naturally. Staples are coming out!
Had my best friend’s fiancé remove my staples (not recommended). She told me she removed staples from her cat once. Turns out when we were all done, she said, “Wait… they weren’t staples… I think they were stitches!”
Staples out. Aside from the first one, it was not painful at all. Ahhhhh! Freedom from the tightness in my head! Still some pain if I touch the area.
21 days post op:
Well, the day has arrived. Tomorrow I go back to work, and I am not allowed to wear hats. Mind you the day I left work I had hair down to my shoulders, and nobody thought I was thinning. I shaved my head all one length with a #2 so it didn’t look like I was balding, but there was a slight problem. Now the scar was exposed! O well. Suck it up. Skateboarding accident when I was twelve. Yea, that’s it.
Day 22 post op:
First day of work! Everyone is shocked about my shaved head. Nobody said a darn thing about my scar! They are either trying to be nice or really don’t see it, either way, I made it!
Today, 36 days Post Op:
Well, my existing hair is growing nicely, the scar is virtually invisible, and pain is non existent. There is only 1 small problem… Now that my hair is short, I can see just how bald I really am! Hairline is terribly thin, and it seems that the more my hair grows out the more it’s noticeable. Mike was right. This is definitely the hardest part! Thankfully, all of these emotions were explained to me and I was able to prepare. I always knew my hair was thin, (hence the reason why I never cut it short in years)
I believe for me I am bit of a different scenario then most, considering I had the procedure done to prevent looking bald and hid it from everyone, as opposed to being bald and having it done to get hair. O well, I suck it up, because I know in 5 to 10 months I will be partying with 2,500 new buddies of mine and loving every minute of it!
Nobody noticed the scar, everyone says my hair looks good short, with the exception of 1 honest guy who said I look like an aids patient! You mean sexy aids patient? Jack ass! I grew out my pathetic mustache to take the attention away from my thin hair. (Probably should have had another 500 grafts put in the stache while I was there!)
Overall, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Pain on a scale of 1 to 10? 3 or 4 at times. Level of concern and care for their patients/ customers? 10 out of 10. I know there are a lot of cheerleaders on these things for Hasson and Wong, but now I can definitely see why. I have been in contact with Mike and the office since the procedure. They do not mysteriously disappear after your big day, but rather stand by their name, results, and customers. I am comfortable and confident with my decision. Now I wait anxiously for the fruits of my vanity to pay off. I will keep ya’ll posted as I see the results. Happy hair hunting!
If you have any questions feel free to reach out!
PS- If you made it this far then my apologies for the novel.


Dr. Glenn Charles
04-23-2012, 08:07 PM
Sounds like a good experience. Hang in there and try to not think to much about the transplant for a few months. In other words don't drive yourself crazy. After 3-4 months post-op and the new hair is starting to grow that is when you can start getting exited. H&W do super high quality work and I am sure your results will be impressive. Thanks for sharing your story.

04-29-2012, 01:01 PM
I went to a concert. Someone there asked me why I was in Canada. I told them I was the head of research in my department of growth and development, and had a hairy situation to deal with.
Lol you sure are one heck of a story teller. I can't wait to have my procedure done. Please don't pictures once your hair starts coming in.