View Full Version : first post! 18 yrs old, got first comments

That Dude
04-18-2012, 02:20 PM
hey everybody! Thought id post and introduce myself. Soo I knew i was slowly losing it for a little while but i got a comment at school yesterday about a spot on the top of my head from some friends of mine. haha it sucks being the funny guy at your school because friends think they can mess with you about anything, even if its something youre actually sensitive about. Im a senior, and i graduate in a month and all i was hoping for was to make it through HS and then id shave it or something but damn so close! today i went back and got no comments but i sure was nervous. we had some assemblies where i had to sit down in front and that made me a little self conscious but i figure if im not planning on hiding it i may as well start becoming more comfortable with the idea. Im very comfortable with who i am, but its weird because now im very self conscious when i put my head down, or if i bend over to pick something up. as if i wasnt ready for graduation before, now im REALLY anxious just so i can get this all over with and move on!! Its my personal opinion that there really isnt anything all that great out there to help with this and every company with a "cure" seems to be testing for 5-7 years with no progress ever being made haha. so i figure i may as well just shave it, what do you think? any young people going through a similar situation i know how rough it is, its so weird going through a change like this so early on!! haha never would have thought this would happen, but "learn to embrace what you cant change" Thanks for listening and nice meeting you! :)