View Full Version : Raymond Konior, MD - Chicago - 2810 Graft Hairline Restoration

Raymond Konior, MD
04-15-2012, 09:00 AM
This is an 18 month postoperative result of a 2810 graft hairline restoration in a 42 year patient. This man traveled for his procedure as he lives out of the Chicago area. He emailed a few photos to me for review. I have attempted to match his postop photos with those I took preoperatively in the office. His graft harvest was limited by an extremely snug donor region. The main goal for this patient was to reestablish a natural frontal hairline with coverage throughout the frontal and midscalp regions. The surgical plan photo identifies three zones: 1) a narrow frontal zone where 1 hair grafts were exclusively utilized; 2) a large central zone where 2-3 hair grafts were placed; and 3) a zone at the back edge where more single hair grafts were placed for a soft transition into the balding crown. The patient is satisfied with the restoration will complete a second procedure to fill the crown.