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04-05-2009, 07:15 AM
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"20 Easy-to-swallow Medical Treatments

Provided by Men's Health

Dr. Harvey Kellogg invented cornflakes, but during the late 1800s he was more famous as a physician. The good doctor claimed he could cure virtually any disease, from ulcers and schizophrenia to acne. All it took, he said, was a dose of yogurt. Well, more specifically, a yogurt enema. Dr. Kellogg, of course, was a flake. But he did make good cereal. And he did have the right idea. Research has shown that some foods can be just as effective as prescription drugs in treating medical conditions. Best of all, unlike his cure-all, our remedies slide into the portal of least resistance: your mouth.

Problem: You're starting to go bald
Prescription: Dinner at a steak house
Researchers may have discovered why Patrick Stewart lost his hair: one too many cheesesteaks. Order top round steak instead. It's the leanest cut of meat available on most menus. Going lean instead of eating fatty cuts of meat won't keep you from going bald, but it may slow down the process. According to a study from Australia, men who ate lean cuts of meat were less likely to go bald than those who ate fatty cuts of meat.
Another plus: "Beef is an excellent source of zinc," says Thomson. "And not getting enough zinc can lead to sudden hair loss."