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04-11-2012, 04:42 PM
As I look into the mirror I smile. I smile because I decided to try and beat my hair loss. This "disease" has caused me a lot of pain, a lot of hardship and has affected my life in so many ways. However, after years of trying the FDA approved drugs I decided to go get a hair transplant. It is a tough choice because like any cosmetic procedure your worried someone is going to get found out, or you fear what could happen if it turns out wrong, or even worse you delay it because you do not believe you can find the time. A FUE hair transplant, or any HT, is not for everyone, especially anyone under 25, but action is the biggest step to solving any dilemma. I do not want to come off like some guru, which I am not, but if you do nothing about your hair lose you can not expect some miracle to occur. I have taken a step forward, and I am hoping like all of us when it comes to HT that is pays off...fingers crossed!

After one week, I wish I didnt miss my first procedure, because it is just a hassle to get the time off work again. However, there is really nothing I can do about it, but an extra 500 grafts would of been very nice to add to the 500 grafts I have now.

Last night I washed my hair with baby shampoo (both donor & recipient area). I saw little hairs fall out, as expected, not that many but when your looking in the bath tub to look for hair falling out your going to see what your looking for.

One of the hardest things I am finding is the waiting to see what happens with your hair, I tend to look at it in the mirror which is pointless because I will only really be at the 4-6 month stage see whether my results will be evident. I am trying to learn patience!!!

As for my results, lets discuss;

Swelling: Swelling left at day 6. There was no pain associated with this swelling, it is the fluid from the antithetic releasing itself from my head. Nevertheless, looked like a had a couple of hits by Mike Tyson at points.

Work: I was working from home after day 3.
Pain: I took no pain killers other then on the day of the surgery.

Washing: I have washed my hair gentle twice with baby shampoo, once at day 4 and again day 7. When I mean gentle I mean with a tub of hot water, didnt use the shower, used my finger tips and pat dried the hair. Doctors orders.

Itchness:Itchness has been mild, but mild is still annoying. For itcheness I would either use a fan against my scalp, scratch an area of my head had not been affected by the transplant (this surprisingly worked for me), gentle touch your hair with your finger tips, or just do something else to forget about it.

Extras: Have taken a lot of rest, drank plenty of fluid and took my vitamins. I have watched a ton of movies!!!!

Donor: It is hardly noticeable at this point. Once the scabs fall off it will be hard to notice anything (Quote from my parents)

Recipient Area: Scabs are coming off naturally. A little itchy but there seems to be no signs of redness under/between the scabs.
overall things are good. Feeling good after so much rest.

Now, I know its just a waiting game till I get the next 500 grafts and for my hair to grow. Can not win them all!

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Pre Shampoo - Recipient

Post Shampoo - Recipient

Pre Shampoo - Donor

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