View Full Version : Finally went to a derm. Still don't get it.

04-10-2012, 01:45 PM
posted this on another forum. sorry if you've seen me/my hair pics before.

just to keep this post short, i've made loads of topics over the past year or two about whether i'm losing my hair. the majority of answers have been no. then there's the few that say i might be.

it was annoying me not knowing so i went to my gp, and she said my hair was fine, but my scalp was inflamed. i said i wanted to go to a derm to check my hair. he said the same thing as the gp after checking my hair. i'm most worried about the area around my crown but said that that's fine, as is my hairline. no thinning or miniaturisation. no recession. he told me to use niz for my scalp, but i use that anyway.

so taking that into account, what the hell is going on with my hair at the crown, and then on top, when my hair is sticking up?


(that isn't my hair natural. it's full of wax. the first pic with the ring one is *more or less* what my hair looks like natural. the ones where it looks worse is because i exaggerated my parting).

see where i mean it looks thinner? is that just because of my parting, or just because my scalp is inflamed? i don't wear my parting there, cuz i look like an idiot, so comb my hair with it shifted over to the left more. but still. it looks thinner just in front of my crown. and then when my hair is all sticking up it looks awful. any ideas? my hair doesn't look like this in natural light.

i took these pics with my mac's webcam with screen flash enabled.

... sorry. apparently i can't make short posts.

Tracy C
04-10-2012, 06:05 PM

At this time, it is pretty obvious that you are not going to settle down about this until you start doing something about it whether you need to or not. With that said, I suggest you get yourself a laser comb and use it every other day. Ignore the directions that say to use it only three times a week. Use it every other day. Check back with us after you have been using your laser comb every other day for six months.

All my best to you,